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Our Story 1

Sephywans is a professional team full of creativity and passion. Apart from the continious focus on quality, we convey more messages to people, namely LOHAS, anti-war, animal protection, peace doves, classical art, etc.

The sole purpose of Sephywans is to bring out the best of people who loves this world. No matter what kind of place you are in, whether buying our products or not, we hope that you, who like pixel art, can have fun here, and that’s why we offer a lot of designs, for free, and for you.

We believe in equal rights , and everyone shall enjoy the opportunities the life has to offer. So we're here to bring a positive change by enriching lives with safe and creative products. Our R&D team works hard to improve the product so that anyone can enjoy these toys.

We focus on connecting with who believes us, who aligns with our message, an who enjoys life and gives time and energy to it.

Hello, I'm ace Next is our chief designer MM
About Ace

Our Story 2

Sephywans vows to bring a  long-lost confidence and true happiness to people. Whatever we do, do have the patience to experience joys which we   often overlook, and let us take control of our emotions to achieve goals. With years of solid experience and a well-qualified product design team, we are a reliable advocator of player s’ communities for hobbyists in Europe, USA, and many other countries.

Sephwyans only manufactures products with full certification and zero benzene certification, mainly focusing on quality control, because we want no  compromise on quality. We aim to bring the most fun and amazing products to customers, h elp people experience another world full of imagination, to  become happy, confident, and to face life with a new mind set.

Hello, I'm mm Next is our Key Animator, Kuku
About MM

Our Story 3

Our team members are passionate about supporting our employees in their creative pursuits. We vision a sense of belonging.

This difference in vision separates us from the crowd. Only you are the savior of your own emotions, only you could help youself stand out, let’s meet the new you!

Our team also has many interesting partners, full of creativity and passion. We will gradually improve this page. If you also want to join, you are very welcome to contact us.
About KuKu

Our Vision

We invite you to the world of pixel art, where we actualize and share your creativity. 

Everyone could be a 3D Beads designer here!

We offer a meeting place and a cozy home for players who enjoy and appreciate Fuse Beads Creative Aarts. 

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Whatapp: +86 13375780250

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