Our Value

Our values are reflected not only in the quality of our products, but also in our dedication to serving the communities business.

Enjoy Pixel Art with Confidence

Our team is working hard everyday for new themes and ways to play, not just for hobbyists, also for our clients and employees. 

We are doing what we love every day, with passion and wild imagination. Combining joy and confidence with everything we do is how we work and live. 

No need to be a master creator or someone who is good at drawing, we just hope everyone who likes pixel art and toys could stay optimistic towards life and discover the creative ideas to fight the somewhat boring reality.

Quality Certification and Copyright Protection

Sephywans is proud of an exclusive manufacturing of original, high quality and creative products.

Every product of us passes the quality tests in the EU, UK, US and Canada. We have every certification required and refuse offering lower prices at the cost of lowering quality. We refuse to cut corners; we want customer satisfaction and company development.

We encourage creative thinking and have professional creative team that works with passion. We offer intellectual property protection to every work of our employee, and every original work of us will be protected by copyright. The creators (employees, designers, or you) are our cherished friends.

Fall in Love with Pixel Art and a Better You

Pixel art originates from the limitations of our time, and also generates its own irreplaceable aesthetic value.

We madly love pixel art because it is free-spirted, abstract, and filled with possibilities, just as we want to help people love themselves and lives, and bring about positive change in the world which is also our value.

We will support you every step of the way.

Feel free to follow us and the players’community, and let's build a wonder land of pixel.

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