Dream Parrot Box Complete set - 3D fuse Beads set - 2.6mm Iron Beads Set


A complete large set containing all 9 boxes and parrots and accessories!

Number of beans:85*500 = 42,500 

Number of colors:  34

Please Read Before Buying

Please do not use Fuse beads from other brands. We’ve gone through a intricate color-matched  design which features color ratios. The color of beads varies from brand to brand, and in order to achieve the desired effect, we insist on selling our own Fuse Beans with premium quality and designs patterns.

  1. This product ONLY includes beads, with guaranteed color accuracy, purity, and amount. (The quantity of beans we provide is 100% more than the needed,leaving enough rooms for trials and errors! )
    Our beans of all colors are packed in a bag of 500
    Even if some colors are used in a small amount, we will use a package of 500

  1. This product DO NOT includePegboards, Tweezersand Ironing Paper!PLEASE NOTE that if you need those accessories, please shop on-line or shop in our store.We do not recommend buying Pegboards in our store, since the transportation could cause breakage; go to the Amazon, which is more convenient. 

  1. NO worries for Beginners, we will have detailed instruction for ironing as well as 3D piecing onour YOUTUBE channel, combiningwith our digital format design pattern, plus some little concentration and patience, you will be able to make a decent finished work.

  1. The Pattern will be sent to your mailbox asPDFafter you complete the order (excluding return orders), please make sure your mailbox can receive messages, if you cannot find it, please contact us in time, so we could resend the files.

  1. Being creative is never easy, please understand our pursuit. The core value of our products is the original design pattern,so all ofour work have registered copyrights. Please do not repost them to other platforms or sold for commercial use, we will reserve the right to sue.


The products are specially configured products, so independent warehouses and personnel are required to select and pack them.

Stock time: within 1-2 days
Delivery time: 7-10 days

▲Feel the fun of Mortise and Tenon designs▲

This original fuse beads set is not some adhesion of 3D cross-cutting. It is an intricate internal design with Mortise and Tenon. All a player has to do is to build the block according to the blue print and then follow the instruction or tutorial video to assemble the modules into a 3D product, which will be super durable. Get ready for an orchestrated smooth experience made by us!


Our YouTube channel has a complete teaching video (including ironing Teaching - matching multi languages)

Dream Parrot Box Complete set - 3D fuse Beads set - 2.6mm Iron Beads Set
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